Buy the Socks, Give the Gift Card

Let your kids buy their dad something for Christmas. It’s the right thing to do. Let your kids bring something to give their parent on such a generous day. Let your kids have the feeling of giving tis the season.

Basically let your kids show their love for the parent by allowing them to shop for your ex. Kids in general get so excited giving their parents gifts whether they are small or big, expensive or cheap, homemade or bought.

Be the bigger person and let your ex have that moment with the kids during this coming holiday.

Be the bigger person and give a gift without expecting one in return.

Who knows what might happen by you offering this olive branch of opportunity for your kids to show love on your dime.

Let’s imagine what your kids will feel like after they rip through all their gifts from their dad and there is nothing for their dad to open. Now in years past I would buy gifts for myself, wrap them give them to my mom with what they were then she would ask the kids what I wanted and would coach them through to my list. I would also mention all the things I had bought as things I wanted. Then on Christmas they thought they got me everything (my mom had given all the gifts to them). It was special and a little over the top but I didn’t sit around a wait for my ex to purchase me presents.

Now if your ex has moved on to a new lover you have two options. You can talk to that person and see if they are making those purchases with or for your children to give to their father.


You continue to buy your ex a gift from the kids no matter what their relationship status is.

No matter what is going on in your relationship with your ex your kids don’t need to feel it. Kids also don’t need to be so scared to ask you to buy their dad a gift. Be kind. Be generous. Show you are the bigger person.

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Former teacher, happily divorced but now engaged mother of 4 kids who shares the Ugly Truth about Divorce to her followers in hopes to save them some drama.

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